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The Digital Transformation!

after successfully leading as one of solutions provider for printing and packaging industry for almost two decades, monotech systems limited try for over a decade, monotech systems ltd. adds another vertical of document and drawing life cycle for offering to its clients by introducing document, drawing management and digitization solutions cum services. the solutions and services offered by monotech systems will be helping organizations to enhance their business activities through world-class expertise, best practices and global service capabilities.

we help converting your documents and drawings into digital formats that can be preserved for a lifetime. we digitize all kinds and sizes of drawings and documents - filed documents, books, lose sheets, old and rare manuscripts and data - images, audio and video and convert them into any required format that can be transferred over any media.

Why Digitization?

买足球彩票靠不靠谱physical documentation is an inseparable part of everyday business. reports, drawings, memos, invoices, purchase orders, records etc. are part and parcel of running a business. over time, the paper documents can build up significantly, making it difficult to locate the document. apart from that the optical condition of original drawings and documents deteriorates due to humidity, temperature, light, chemical fumes and constant handling which make them prone to damage and chances are high that you may lose critical documents and drawings. with personnel spending more time looking for information, rather than acting on it, organizational productivity, performance, and profits are bound to dip.

买足球彩票靠不靠谱digital libraries are viewed as systems providing users with coherent access to a large, organized repository of information and knowledge. the ability of the user to access, reorganize, and utilize this repository is enriched by the capabilities of digital technology. digitization has become important in worldwide efforts to preserve, manage, and provide access to information.

买足球彩票靠不靠谱besides with the dramatic increase in types of data and respective formats, the need to integrate and share data across systems has become vital. for most organizations, this involves delicate balancing of the processes that move data between systems. our solutions address the above concern in a very effective and efficient way.

Our Approach

we provide project specific process-oriented digitization service that converts all your paper documents and drawings into a format ready for uploading into document and drawing management system.

we completely understand the significance of your physical documents; that are assets of your company. we offer customized and structured solutions that ensure the security of your documents and drawings as well as guarantee easy retrieval as and when it is needed.

Why we are the Preferred Partner for your Digitization Services?

买足球彩票靠不靠谱we have expertise is handling paper documents and drawings that are fragile, brittle and soiled in nature.

we undertake digitization through project specific customized process flow.

the digitization process flow is designed according to your regulatory compliance standards.

买足球彩票靠不靠谱our quality assurance processes ensure high levels of accuracy

Key Benefits

Streamline Business Processes - Deliver information / data to the right person at the right time, improve productivity and efficiency.


买足球彩票靠不靠谱 document& drawing management - archive and manage documents and drawings in a structured and secure manner, reduce risk of lost / misplaced documents.

Continuous Availability - Provision of robust high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Minimize Paper Storage

Eliminate Manual Searches


improved information availability - multipoint access

Increase Information Security


Reduce Storage Costs

Enhance Customer Service

What We Can Digitize for You?

Documents Private, Government and Ministries Land Records, RTO, HR, Finance, Legal etc.


买足球彩票靠不靠谱 libraries

manuscripts & antiquities

买足球彩票靠不靠谱 negatives, positives (still & moving media)

买足球彩票靠不靠谱 books & journals

买足球彩票靠不靠谱 photographs & paintings

audio & video recordings

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